Hatherwood Craft Beer Company The Purple Panther No 5 Porter

Colour- Cola

Aroma- Sweet, Floral and Smoky

Taste- Light, Bitter, Coffee, Medium Dry and Toffee

Price- £1.25

ABV- 5%

I discovered this beer at my local Lidl, and as I had not seen it before I felt that it would be rude not to try it! Lidl often have some excellent beers at very good prices and I wholeheartedly recommend popping in to try some of them.

Unfortunately however, I cannot recommend that you try the Purple Panther. From what was a promising start, the Purple Panther experience ended in bitter disappointment.

It was unusually fizzy, almost like a lager. The beer had no real taste to it, rather it was simply fizz with faint background flavours of coffee and toffee. Indeed, on the front of your palette you can taste nothing but the fizz.

Fortunately, this beer will not break the bank at £1.25 a go. It may therefore be a good beer for someone who wants to try a porter and doesn’t normally enjoy them. However, disappointingly, I will not be picking up a bottle of Purple Panther again.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 15%

Purple Panther

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