Pulled Pork

Serves Eight

Preparation and Cooking Time: 5 hours 30 minutes

Pulled pork is a juicy and comforting crowd pleaser. It is undoubtedly a a dish worth waiting for, perfect for an alternative Sunday roast or for a lazy Saturday treat. Simple and delicious, you will not be disappointed if you give this recipe a go! Serve with chips and salad or even mash and peas.



2kg Pork Shoulder (must be shoulder)

500ml Cider

Barbecue Sauce Marinade (buy or make your own – my own recipe is top secret)

Herbs and Spices of your choice (cumin, chilli, oregano, garlic and onion are my favourites)

Approximate Cost of Dish -£8


  1. Marinade your pork shoulder in your barbecue sauce and leave for 1 hour.


2. Pour your cider into your casserole dish and heat until bubbling.DSCF7287

3. Add the marinaded meat to the casserole dish and season with salt, pepper and your chosen herbs and spices.


4. Cook at 150 degrees c. for roughly 4 hours.


5. Remove from the oven, if the pork is not tender enough to be pulled apart using a fork, give it some more time.


6. Pull the meat apart using two forks and serve!


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