The Brewers Project Hop House 13 Lager (Guinness)

Colour– Golden with a dark hue

Aroma–  Very hoppy, Smoky and Apricot

Taste– Hops, Smoke, Smooth and Peach

Price– £1.75

ABV– 5%

I am a huge fan of Guinness and have been for a very long time. In the past two or three years they have released a number of new beers through The Brewers Project, and Hop House 13 Lager is their latest offering.

The aroma of Hop House 13 would suggest the beer would be extremely hopped, in fact the label states that they use a combination of three hops to develop the taste. However, it is clear that the guys at The Brewers Project must know what they are doing. They have delivered a well balanced lager, certainly not over hopped, and definitely extremely enjoyable. The fruity notes work exceptionally well the the smoky smoothness of the lager and it is certainly one that I will be purchasing again.

This is a beer for the summer time, and I can guarantee that this is the perfect beverage for a barbecue. Enjoy nice and cold whilst digging into some deliciously barbecued meat!

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 75%


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