Camden Town Brewery Camden Gentleman’s Wit

Colour- Hazy Straw

Aroma- Wheat, Sweet and Floral Lemon

Taste- Wheat, Lemon, Floral, Bergamot and Fizz

Price- £1.95

ABV- 4.3%

I have, for some time, had a soft spot for wheat beers. I find their complex nature to be particularly enjoyable.

Camden Gentleman’s Wit offers something a little different to that of its Bavarian cousins. It’s a little lighter and certainly fruitier. The lemon aromas are undeniably evident from the moment the bottle is open and it definitely provides an exceedingly refreshing experience.

On balance, I would say that Camden Gentleman’s Wit is better from the cask than it is from the bottle. By the end of the bottle it felt a little flat and I know from experience that doesn’t happen when enjoyed as pulled from a cask.

This is best enjoyed on a scorching hot days because it really is the height of refreshment!

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating– 82%


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