Chapel Down Curious Brew

Colour- Champagne

Aroma- Hops, Citrus and Light Champagne

Taste- Dry, Lightly Hopped, Citrus and Champagne.

Cost- £2

ABV- 4.7%

There is something curious indeed about the concept of a Champagne infused lager. It was therefore intrigue, in addition to positive memories of tasting a Champagne infused beer a few years ago, that led me to try the Chapel Down Curious Brew.

Curious Brew is a lager which is re-fermented with Champagne yeast. It really does give the drink a distinctively Champagney after taste. I found Curious Brew to be exceptionally light, pleasingly well hopped, and I experienced a dryness at the back of the palette. It is curious indeed, adventurous, and quite unlike the majority of lagers on the market!

This is perfect for drinking all night due to its lightness. I definitely recommend giving it a go. If a winery can do a beer this well, I cannot wait to try their wines!

The all-important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 78%

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