Wychwood King Goblin

Colour- Amber

Aroma- Malt, Caramel and Sweet

Taste- Malt, Hops, Bitter, Caramel and Alcohol.

ABV- 6.6%

Cost– £1.69

I really do like the occasional Hobgoblin, and it’s for this reason that I decided to give its big brother a go – King Goblin! They produce some excellent beer which is so easily picked up, any Hobgoblin beer is worth picking up!

King Goblin is well balanced, malty and smooth, which excellent bitter and caramel undertones. A slight criticism would be that it is maybe overly alcoholic, which is very obvious when you taste the beer, but it is still a very nice drink.

I will definitely be buying King Goblin again, supermarkets often have it on the shelves at 3 for £5 and it is always worth getting one at that price. It will certainly work well with a hearty stew or a perfectly cooked steak.

The all-important Food and Beer Blog rating – 66%

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