Black Sheep Yorkshire Square Ale

Colour- Copper

Aroma- Hop, Malt and Citrus

Taste- Smooth, Malt, Lightly Hopped and Sweet

ABV- 5%

Cost- £1.79

Any Yorkshireman (or woman!) worth their weight in salt will have drunk Black Sheep Ale at some point in their life. It was for this reason that when I saw a Black Sheep ale I have not tried before, I bought it immediately.

The first thing you’ll notice about Yorkshire Square Ale is that it is incredibly smooth, it slips down a treat! It is very subtly hopped, which I believe adds great character to the ale.

Yorkshire Square Ale certainly has some sweet, caramel tones throughout drinking. However, by the end of the bottle, for me, the malty tones of the beer were too much and I was ready to move on to something else.

So if you like a malty beer, then this is definitely the all day session tipple for you. It would be perfect served with pizza or bangers and mash!

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 77%


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