Weird Beard Brew Co Black Perle Coffee Milk Stout

Colour– Black

Aroma– Coffee, Chocolate and Malt

Taste– Coffee, Bitter Sweet, Malt

ABV– 3.8%

Cost– £2.79

This is undeniably an interesting brew. It’s one that caught my eye, not only because I am a lover of a milk stout, but also because I am the very proud owner of a beard!


The beer has wonderful aromas of coffee and chocolate, it’s a real treat for the nose. However the first sip did take me a back a little, it is jam packed with bitter coffee and malty notes. I found that to be a little overpowering to begin with.


However, as you work your way through the bottle and the palette becomes acclimatised to the flavour explosion, you realise that the beer is exceptionally well balanced, smooth and absolutely delicious.


Only for the brave, it would be unwise to recommend this to the novice stout drinker.


The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating– 78%

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