Yorkshire Heart Heartger Lager

Colour– Golden Straw

Aroma– Strong Hop and Sweet

Taste– Crisp, Dry, Hop, Deep and Bitter

ABV– 5%

Cost– £3

I bought Yorkshire Heart Heartger Lager with a certain amount of scepticism as I generally find craft lager to be over hopped and actually quite unpleasant.

I was therefore quite surprised by Heartger Lager, because although the aroma is very hoppy, its taste is very well balanced. It does not taste at all like a lager, more like a very light pale ale. It’s very bitter in nature, with very deep pleasing notes, making it a proper full bodied beer.

I would certainly advise you to try to find this beer, especially if you are a craft lager lover. I think the reason I couldn’t score it more highly was that it isn’t really a lager and it is perhaps too bitter for me. But all in all, a very pleasant experience.

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 76%

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