Colour– Cloudy Straw

Aroma– Wheat, Hop and Alcohol

Taste– Wheat, Hop, Dry

ABV– 8.5%

Cost– £4.25

Delirium is a massive name in the world of beers. It has won best beer in the world more times than any other beer, so of course it has a lot of expectation to live up to.

Perfectly balanced, absolutely delicious and amazingly hopped, try a Delirium and you will certainly not be disappointed. I absolutely loved its wheaty undertones, and despite the ludicrously high alcohol content, it does not taste it at all. That’s rather dangerous to be honest.

However, you cannot look past the cost of this beer. At £4.25 for a 330ml bottle, despite being absolutely delicious, it will also put a huge dent in your wallet. It is for this reason that I cannot score Delirium as highly as you may expect.

Definitely a pay day drink!

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 90%


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