Timothy Taylor Boltmaker

Colour– Amber

Aroma– Yeast, Malt, Bitter

Taste– Dry, Malt, Fruity,

ABV– 4.2%

Cost– £1.79

This beer is another Yorkshire classic in the form of a Timothy Taylor bitter. Boltmaker has excellent balance and delicious fruity notes. Not overly bitter, and not overly malty, it is an excellent brew for sure.

It is, however, a tad dry for my taste, and maybe a little overly yeasty. Having said this, it does not affect the balance of the beer too greatly, and it is still a great beer.

Certainly one to try if you can find it, I’d enjoy it with something quite hearty – maybe my Cheese and Chorizo Chicken!

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 77%

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