Golden Ale and Pork Pie

Food pairing, for a beer connoisseur, is very important. Matching the right food to the right beer, just like with wine, can make the meal.

Here we will discuss one pairing option – a classic bar snack, pork pies, and a beer which is currently in vogue, golden ale.

Choosing the pork pie is very important, because of course it must be good quality. You could try making one yourselves, however, in my experience hot water pastry is a nightmare to work with. On this occasion, I opted for a pork pie made by Vale of Mowbray, who produce, in my opinion, the best pork pies in Yorkshire. Full of deliciously seasoned meat, with an excellent pastry, if you can find them they are definitely worth a try.

When it comes to choosing your Golden Ale, it is important to choose a local brew. I chose Two Fingers Brewing Co Aurelio. A 4.8% Golden Ale brewed in Yorkshire, which is well balanced, excellently hopped with delicious fruity dry citrus tones. Another reason for choosing Aurelio is because all profits go to Prostate Cancer UK, a cause which is particularly close to my heart as a member of my family has battled the disease.

The reason behind choosing a golden ale is that the hopped, citrus notes of a golden ale cuts the rich nature of a pork pie. Often pork pies, if they are good quality, are very rich and savoury. A golden ale cuts through perfectly and allows you to enjoy your pork pie to the max.

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