English Heritage Wassail

Colour– Copper

Aroma– Sweet, Malt, Hops

Taste– Sweet, Spicy, Light, Hops

ABV– 6%

Cost– £3

I bought this beer from Lullingstone Roman Villa in Eynsford, Kent. If I’m quite honest, it is a completely bizarre beer. It is incredibly sweet, slightly spiced and smoky, whilst simultaneously tasting almost like a tutti fruity.

Whilst I’ve described this beer as bizarre, that does not mean it’s bad. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the bizarre nature of Wassail. Sometimes something completely different is just what you need.

I would love to know which brewery brews Wassail, however despite extensive research I am yet to find out the brewer. I would absolutely love to try some more of their range.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 80%

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