Hatherwood Craft Beer Company The Winter Warmer

Colour– Coffee

Aroma– Coffee, Sweet, Christmas Spice

Taste– Coffee, Sweet, Christmas Spice, Chocolate

Cost– £1.75

ABV– 5.5%

Another one from the Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. After the disappointment of the Purple Panther Porter, I really didn’t have high hopes for The Winter Warmer.

It was pleasant enough, although quite unusual, and I’m not sure that the coffee tones work with the very Christmassy, sweet feel of the beer. It had a very full texture, as if it were a good quality stout, but that felt at odds with the sweet undertones of the Christmas flavours.

All in all, not one to write home about, but worth ago if you fancy something unusual and cheap enough not to be offended if you don’t enjoy it. Lidl are selling these at 2 for £2.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 45%

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