Not Your Mother’s Brussel Sprouts

Preparation and Cooking Time- 15 minutes


Serves 8


Sprouts, the devil of Christmas dinner. Everyone hates them but they’re festive so you pile them on the plate hoping that they’re not going to be as bad as last year. However fear not, if you follow this recipe you’ll be looking forward to sprouts every year and you’ll even be going back for seconds. I mean, come on, chorizo can make anything better.


Approximate cost of dish- £2.50


Half a chorizo ring

500g sprouts

1 red onion

75ml white wine

Vegetable oil

Salt and pepper




1. Dice your chorizo and add to a frying pan with your vegetable oil and allow to fry for 2 mins.


 2. Dice you red onion and add to the chorizo, allowing to fry for another 2 mins.


3. Shred your sprouts finely and add to the onion and chorizo, frying for 3 mins.


Add your white wine and allow the ingredients to steam and fry for another 2 mins and serve.


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