Wiper and True Plum Pudding Porter

Colour– Black Coffee

Aroma– Roasted Malts, Citrus, Hops, Dark Fruits

Taste– Bitter, Dark Fruits, Roasted, Sweet

Cost– £3.50

ABV– 6.5%

Plum Pudding, a traditional British pudding at Christmas, who’d have thought they’d try it in a beer?

The guys at Wiper and True have certainly given it a good go, and they’ve succeeded in ensuring that the fruity spicy notes of plum pudding y come through strongly. The brew is quite bitter, as a porter should be, and undoubtedly tastes of Christmas.

Possibly a little too strong on the plum pudding taste for my personal tastes (I am actually not a fan of plum pudding). Having said this, it’s an interesting tipple to track down if you’re a beer lover looking for something a little different.

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 80%

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