Brewdog Jet Black Heart

Colour- Ebony

Aroma- Roasted Malts, Slightly Sweet, Fruits

Taste- Smokey, Roasted, Fruity, Bitter

ABV- 4.7%

Availability and Cost- Tesco – £1.80

Brewdog are certainly one of the success stories of the boom in independent brewing in the UK.

Jet Black Heart Milk Stout certainly tries to pack a scent punch and has an excellent nose, full of rich roasted malts and sweet fruity tones.

Unfortunately, the taste does not live up to the smell. Although the beer is still tasty, it does leave a little to be desired. It is slightly fizzy for a stout, and lacks a little smoothness. The taste is nice though, don’t get me wrong, just not something that will blow your mind.

Easy to find in your local Tesco Extra.

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 75%

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