Guinness Antwerpen

Colour- Jet Black

Aroma- Dark Chocolate, Smoked Wood, Fruity, Dark Roast

Taste- Dark Chocolate, Bitter, Sweet, Fruity, Smokey

ABV- 8%

Availability and Cost- Tesco – £2

Guinness have started adding to their range in earnest in the past few years and Antwerpen is one of the latest to join the line-up.

A strong classic imperial stout with a complex chocolaty sweetness, and subtle smoked flavours certainly make it interesting. It definitely isn’t what I expected.

You can taste the alcohol slightly too much for my liking if I’m completely honest, and it is possibly overly sweet for me.

However, Antwerpen is still a good solid brew from Guinness and I am absolutely sure I will be purchasing it again.

Easy to find in your local Tesco Extra.

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 81%

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