Huyghe Belgian Wheat Beer

 Colour- Light Straw

Aroma- Orange, Wheat, Coriander, Sweet

Taste- Wheat, Orange, Light

ABV- 4.5%

Availability and Cost- Marks & Spencer – £2.20


Brought to us by the same, clever brewers of Delirium, Belgian Wheat Beer is very traditional in taste. It’s punchy and wheaty, and has orange tones.


You can certainly smell the coriander on the nose of the beer, however it does not come through particularly strongly (ideal for me as I absolutely hate coriander).


Light and very easy drinking, Belgian Wheat Beer is actually quite delicious. It does lack some of the flavour of its big brother Delirium but it is only 4.5% ABV so you can certainly drink more of them!


This beer is specially brewer for Marks and Spencer, and so can be found in M&S Food Halls.


The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 85%

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