Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown

Colour– Brown
Aroma– Rich, Coffee, Chocolate, Malt
Taste– Bitter, Sweet, Coffee, Chocolate, Malt
ABV– 9%
Founders is one of the hottest breweries in the world at the moment. Its legendary Kentucky Breakfast Stout, which you can see here, and is currently winning every award going.
Now to Sumantra Mountains Brown, a fairly rugged brown ale, with plenty of bitter sweet notes. A strong taste of coffee hits the back of your palette with a sweet chocolatey finish, it certainly is a beer to be sipped and not chugged.
I would say that the coffee flavour is possibly a little too much, it could do with being toned down ever so slightly and I would say that 9% is a little strong and it could do with being slightly less alcoholic. But this is nit-picking, it is still an absolutely fantastic beer.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 82%

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