Funky Buddha French Toast

Colour– Dark Brown

Aroma– Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Sweet

Taste– Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Sweet, Bitter, Cinnamon.

Cost– N/A

ABV– 8.8%

Another one from my recent trip to America is a French toast beer. For those who are unaware of this particular culinary dish from our cousins across the pond, it is basically sweet, cinnamony eggy bread, served with maple syrup and whipped cream.

The first thing that hits you about French Toast is the aroma, it smells very very strongly of maple syrup straight away. The first sip will leave you intrigued as you try get your head around the sweet notes alongside the savoury cinnamon and slight bitterness from the malts and hops.

You’ll realise as drinking that this is an exceptionally moreish beer despite it’s somewhat odd beginnings and it does exactly what it says, it taste exactly like French toast.

A must find for anyone who loves French toast and I’m sure you will be able to locate it if you search profusely online. I would warn, the smell really gets on you though. This is why it doesn’t score more highly, I could still smell in on my skin 2 days after drinking.

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 86%

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