Strawberry Jam

Preparation and Cooking Time: 1hr

The end of August is the perfect time to make jam. The shops often have reduced summer berries as they are becoming over ripe and absolutely perfect for jam making. Homemade jam is so much fresher and tastier than the stuff you buy in a jar from the shops (and it makes your kitchen smell incredible)! Although it may be a little pricier than the shop bought stuff, you really cannot do better than a hot buttered crumpet smothered in a homemade strawberry jam!


2KG Strawberries

1.5KG Jam Sugar (Sugar with added pectin)

Approximate Cost of Dish -£4


  1. Add your strawberries to a large non-stick pan. (I like to use a mixture of blended and whole strawberries but just whole works fine too).


2. Add your jam sugar to the pan and mix.


3. Leave to boil for around 20 mins until the mixture becomes sticky.


4. Whilst the jam is boiling sterilise your jars. Do this with boiling water!


5. Before ‘jarring’ your jam, make sure you remove the foam from the top!


6. Pour into your jars and allow to cool before eating!


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