Northern Monk Holy Faith

Colour- Cloudy Lemonade
Aroma- Tropical fruits, lemon, hoppy, bitter, lemongrass
Taste- Thin, Bitter, Watery
Cost- £1.80
ABV- 0.5%

I am always on the lookout to try something new, and as someone who is trying to get a little healthier, I decided I would try some non-alcoholic beers!
The first one in the series is Northern Monk’s Holy Faith. I was very surprised with the aromas, it smelt like a proper pale ale, excellent hoppy aromas from the Citra hops, really bitter notes and lovely tropical fruits right off the bat.

I was however a little disappointed with the mouthfeel of the beer. It was very watery and didn’t offer the same feel like a proper beer. Having said that for a non-alcoholic beer it was good, it’s better than some real beers I’ve had and I would certainly go back to it for those dry days during the week!
It would pair really nicely with something rich and creamy, the tropical, lemony notes would cut through my Mac ‘n’ Cheese wonderfully!

Now with the non-alcoholic beers, I’m going to rate them twice, once in comparison with alcoholic beers and once for what they are.

The all-important Food and Beer Blog non-alcoholic Rating- 75%
The all-important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 30%

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