Aldi Lunar Lager

Colour- Golden Hue

Aroma- Slight Biscuit, Hops, Malt

Taste- Hops, Light, Refreshing, Biscuit, Banana

Cost- £1.19

ABV- 4.6%

I always love to give Aldi’s selection of beers ago. They are super hit and miss, and I’ve definitely had more bad ones than good ones, see The Hop Foundry reviews I did a couple of years ago!

I was pleasantly surprised with Aldi’s Lunar Lager to be quite honest. It was very easy drinking, with a nice slightly bitter notes at the back of your palette. it is almost what you would expect from a nice craft lager, although it does lack the depth of flavour of a really good craft lager.

It has decent hoppy notes, with a rather strange, but pleasant banana taste, which was rather unexpected!

I’d pair it with something like my Cous Cous, nice and light and the hops will really draw out the citrus in the cous cous!

The all-important Food and Beer Blog rating- 69%

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