Stella Artois Unfiltered

Colour- Straw

Aroma- Light, Hops, Citrus

Taste- Wheat, Bitter, Smooth, Biscuit

ABV- 5%

Cost- £2.29

This one popped up on the Asda website as I was doing my online weekly shops as an Asda exclusive, so I thought I best give it a try.

I am not the biggest fan of Stella Artois normally, I think they’ve messed with it way too much in recent years and got rid of the nostalgic flavours of my early drinking years!

However Unfiltered certainly did seem to hit me with the nostalgia, it has much more flavour than regular Stella, with great wheat notes with a nice full mouth-feel with lovely bitter smoothness on the back of the palette.

It’s definitely worth searching out if you used to like Stella but now find it a bit bland and boring!

I would pair it with my spicy sweet potato wedges! The wheat notes would really soothe out the spicy flavours!

The all-important Food and Beer Blog rating- 60%

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