Shepherd Neame & Co Double Stout

Colour- Jet Black

Aroma- Chocolate and Caramel

Taste- Coffee, Chocolate, Bitter, Dry, Slightly Nutty

Price- £2.30 per bottle

ABV – 5.2%

Stouts are one of my favourite beers, for me there is nothing more comforting in a drink than the deep, rich hug of a good stout.

Shepherds Neame Double Stout did not disappoint. It is a rich, deep, dark stout, with hints of coffee and a dry finish. From beginning to end I was seriously impressed with this fantastic beer.

I advise that it is served with a dark meaty casserole. If you cook your casserole using the stout, even better. Alternatively, the Shepherds Neame Double Stout would be a perfect match for a beef Sunday roast.

An ideal beer for a Sunday evening drink.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating – 85%

Shepherd Neame


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