Cooking a Steak

Who doesn’t love steak? I mean, it’s one of the most delicious things you can put in your mouth! It is, however, something that is quite difficult to get right when cooking at home. Follow my step-by-step guide to achieve a deliciously cooked steak every time.

Choosing your cut

Fillet steak is the most expensive cut, it’s the most tender and it is best cooked rare. For me it lacks flavour but if you are looking for a melt in the mouth lean steak, fillet is the one for you.

Ribeye steak is again one of the more expensive cuts of steak. It has a round of fat in the middle which makes it the most flavoursome cut, but because of this it does need cooking for longer in order for you to experience its full flavour. It is therefore best served medium rare.

Sirloin steak is a more midrange in price. It has a layer of fat surrounding the top of it which provides flavour, and it is also more tender than a ribeye (but less than a fillet). It is best cooked either rare or medium rare.

Rump steak is the cheapest cut of steak but also my favourite. For me it provides the best value cut with great taste and excellent tenderness. It is for me the best all rounder steak! Best cooked medium rare.

The following method will cook your steak to roughly medium rare. Adjust the timings where required for a rare or well done steak. Of course you can cook your steak to your liking, I won’t judge you!

Method for cooking the perfect steak

  1. Take your steak out of the fridge around an hour before cooking and leave to come up to room temperature. Proceed to season well with salt.


2. Heat a frying pan to a very high heat. Do not use a griddle pan, a frying pan is much better.


3. When the pan is very hot, place the steak in the pan and leave on one side for roughly 2 minutes depending on thickness.


4. Turn the steak over and fry on the other side for around the same amount of time.


5. When you have turned your steak over, add a knob of butter to the pan. Trust me you can never add too much!


6. Remove the steak from the pan and allow to rest. It is better at this point that the steak is under cooked rather than over cooked. If it is not to your liking you can always pop it back in the pan. Allow the steak to rest for around 5 minuets and enjoy with chips and salad!


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