Kopparberg with Mixed Fruit

Colour- Light Pink

Aroma- Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Apple

Taste- Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Sweet and Fizz

Cost- £1.99

ABV- 4%

Now, I know what you’re thinking! This definitely isn’t the sort of drink that I would normally review. However in honour of the Eurovision song contest final this evening, I felt that I should review something Swedish!

In true Eurovision style, this cider delivers a fruity performance. It certainly does deliver the flavours of raspberry and blackcurrant that you would expect. However, in spite of its scent, you will struggle to taste any apple at all. The sweetness is, in all honesty, slightly overbearing (not unlike some Eurovision entrants…).

With Kopparberg Mixed Fruit, you know exactly what you are going to get. If you’re looking for a sweet, fruity, fizzy cider, you really can’t go wrong. I would love to tell you that I didn’t enjoy it, it’s certainly not a drink I like to admit to enjoying, but I am sure that it will make an appearance in my fridge again soon.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 65%


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