London Fields Brewery Love Not War Red Ale

Colour- Cloudy Bronze

Aroma- Hops, Malt and Toffee

Taste- Malt, Hops, Sweet, Coffee and Bitter

ABV- 4.2%

Cost- £2.50

I love to try local beers and London Fields Brewery isn’t located far from where I live. Red ales are always a winning choice and this played another big part in my selection of this beer.

Love Not War Red Ale is absolutely exceptional. From start to finish it provided an excellent drinking experience. With deep flavours and superbly hopped, it provided not only excellent flavour but also an amazing texture. It certainly slipped down wonderfully.

I cannot begin to recommend this beer enough. It is genuinely one of the best beers I have ever tried and I have this blog to thank for it, as I would not have bought it if I wasn’t looking for new beers to review! My only criticism is that the ale is slightly predictable. Having said this, you won’t be disappointed if you can hunt it down.

The all-important Food and Beer Blog rating – 87%

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