Saltaire Pride

Colour– Dark Gold

Aroma– Hops, Malt, Citrus

Taste– Spice, Lightly Hopped, Citrus, Malt

ABV– 3.9%

Cost – £1.79

I recently made the pilgrimage from London back up north and realised it was the perfect opportunity to fall in love with Yorkshire beer all over again.

Saltaire Pride tastes very much like a traditional English low ABV bitter. The subtle undertones of spice and the excellently balanced hops lead to a very pleasing drink. One of the flaws with Saltaire Pride is that towards the end is becomes very flat and weak. This of course may have something to do with the low ABV and I do think the beer would benefit from being around 4.2%.

Overall however I was pleased that I picked up a bottle of Saltaire Pride. It was a good all-rounder and one I would definitely buy again if I saw it in a pub!

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 70%

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