Meantime Brewery Raspberry Wheat

Colour– Hazy Pink

Aroma– Raspberry, Wheat, Hop and Sweet

Taste– Wheat, Raspberry, Sweet and Sour

ABV– 5%

Cost– £1.99

Ever since my move to London I have been spent much of my time in Greenwich, where Meantime is brewed. It was this that first led me to trying Meantime Brewery’s beer and I am haven’t looked back.

Meantime Brewery’s Raspberry Wheat is a very interesting beer. You immediately taste a mixture of raspberry and wheat (as the name would suggest), but as a secondary taste there is a very strong sweet and sour sensation on the back of your palette.

Having said that, the beer is very pleasing and it’s a beer that I regularly go back to. As I always do, I asked my partner Rosie to try the beer, and although she didn’t like it (she never does) she commented that if you don’t really like beer, but like sweet things, this may be an ideal “gateway” beer.

Serve with a summery dish, maybe with my Cous Cous or with my Chicken Souvlaki, and drink ice cold for sweet, wheat refreshment.

The all important Food and Beer Blog rating – 76%


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