Pressure Drop Bosko IPA

Colour– Cloudy Amber

Aroma– Lemon, Citrus, Hops

Taste– Dry, Hop, Citrus

Cost– £2.80

ABV– 6.5%

As IPAs are currently completely on trend, I scouted this brew out at Harvey Nichols (I’m not posh – I had a voucher)!

Pressure Drop Bosko IPA has good citrus notes and it’s similar to that of an American style IPA, like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, meaning it is also very hoppy.

Now if citrus and hops are your thing, I’m sure you will absolutely love it; it’s a much better beer than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. However as regular readers will know, IPA’s aren’t really for me. I’m trying my best to get into them, but thus far I have failed to do so and I do find them far too hoppy.

The Pressure Drop Bosko IPA is one to try if for whatever reason you have a voucher for Harvey Nic’s. If you love an IPA you’ll enjoy this, but sadly it’s not for me.

The all important Food and Beer Blog rating- 70%

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