Cromarty Brewing Company Arctic Swell

Colour- Deep Amber

Aroma- Sweet Citrus and Pepper

Taste- Dry, Fizzy, Sweet and Citrus

Price- £2.80

ABV- 5.2%

I picked this beer up at my local Odd Bins Beer. I had never seen it before and quite fancied trying a new lager. Odd Bins Beer have an excellent selection and if you find one it’s definitely worth popping in to discover a new beer. Beware though, they are fairly expensive!

At first taste, Arctic Swell is rather sweet, almost wheat beer like, with a dry finish. It’s very fizzy and also almost overly hopped. Having said this, the flavour combinations of the beer work exceptionally well together.

I would recommend enjoying it alongside a salad, (try using my French dressing recipe), and serving ice cold.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating– 70%

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