Banks’s Bitter

Colour– Amber

Aroma– Bitter, Sweet, Hops, Caramel

Taste– Smooth, Hop, Bittersweet

ABV– 3.8%

Cost– 89p

I picked up a bottle of Banks Bitter purely based upon the fact that it was 89p at my local supermarket! You could barely buy water for that price!

Banks Bitter is not going to wow you, it’s very predictable and to be honest, it slightly lacks in flavour. However it is very pleasant, easy to drink and you could definitely have a session drinking it. It’s incredibly smooth, very lightly hopped and has a very bittersweet sensation when drinking.

If you see it, just give it a go, you can’t go wrong for 89p, but do not expect it to change you world!

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 65%

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