Quirky Blonde Ale

Colour- Cloudy Gold

Aroma- Tropical, Hops, Light, Citrus

Taste- Dry, Bitter, Citrus, Tropical, Light

ABV- 3.8%

Cost- £3

I came across this beer during an event in the UK Parliament called ‘Taste of the Kingdom of Elmet Day’. The Quirky Brewery just so happened to be there.

A small brewery from Garforth which has only been going since 2015, Quirky have already created a tasty brew with their Blonde Ale. Well balanced, light and not overpowered with hops, this beer is certainly a sessionable one.

The tropical notes are particularly refreshing with this beer, married with citrus tones it undoubtedly makes a well-rounded drink. If I were to look for room for improvement, I would say that the bitter notes from the hops are possibly a little much, although this certainly doesn’t impede the experience.

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 82%


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