Weird Beard Brew Co Black Christmas

Colour– Black Tea


Aroma– Rich, Roast Malts, Fruit and Vanilla


Taste– Bitter, Sour, Sweet, Vanilla and Roasted


Cost– £3.50


ABV– 4.5%


As you all know I lovedWeird Beard Brew Co Black Perle Stout, so I was really looking forward to cracking open Black Christmas.


With sour cranberry notes, it has a good balance between sweet, sour and bitter, which are incredibly difficult flavours to balance.


Full tasting with great texture, Black Christmas is a very tasty brew. The sour notes remind me a Belgium cherry beer which is very pleasant.


I would say that it feels a little weak, maybe it would have a packed a bigger punch if it had been around the 6% ABV mark!


The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 86%

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