Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Colour– Dark Chocolate

Aroma– Chocolate, Coffee, Roast, Malt, Light Hops

Taste– Bitter Chocolate, Coffee, Hops

Cost– £3.50

ABV– 10%

I first bought this beer whilst living in Sheffield, I was looking for a beer as a nightcap after a very long night writing my dissertation in the library and stumbled upon this absolute gem.

Well balanced, not overtly sweet and very well hopped, this certainly is an excellent brew. With tones of a mocha and lovely warming notes it certainly made a delicious nightcap.

However at 10% ABV it certainly feels a little alcoholic, with a danger of killing off all of the delicious flavours it certainly has.

Perfect for a chilly winters night and I would absolutely recommend serving at room temperature for the flavour to come into full effect.

The all important Food and Beer Blog rating- 86%

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