Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Serves 6

Cooking and preparation time- 45 minutes

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, oozy, gooey and cheesy. Some may think of this dish as a little childish, however I can assure you that this recipe is the real, grown up, deal with some added extras. This is none of your store bought rubbish, it packs a flavour explosion and is perfect after a hard day at work when you need a hug on a plate.

Approximate cost of the dish- £7


3 Chicken Breasts

Half a ring of Chorizo

100gs butter

100gs flour

2 pints milk

Half pint of double cream

Half pint of sour cream

500gs pasta

1 ball mozzarella

300gs cheddar cheese


1. Dice your chicken and chorizo and cook for around 5mins in a stove top casserole pan.


2. Remove the chicken and chorizo from the pan, leaving the chorizo fat in the pan.


3. Melt your butter in the pan with the chorizo fat, whisk in your flour and cook for around 3 minutes.


4. Slowly pour in your milk, whisky thoroughly so not to get lumps in the mixture.


5. Once you have poured all of your milk in, begin to cook your pasta, ensuring that you undercook your pasta slightly, as it will cook again in the oven.


6. Add both your cream and sour cream to the sauce and whisk again.


7. Add 200gs of your cheddar and three quarters of your mozzarella to the sauce and whisk until smooth, saving the rest for the cheesy topping.


8. Now add the chicken and chorizo back to the sauce and mix together.


9. Add your slightly undercooked pasta to the mixture and stir again.


10. Now sprinkle rest of your cheese to the top and bake at 200 degrees centigrade for 20 mins, until the cheese goes crispy. Serve and indulge!


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