Goose Island Honkers Ale

Colour- Copper

Aroma- Floral, Hops and Yeast

Taste- Caramel, Hops, Yeast and Malt

Price- £2.25

ABV- 4.3%

Goose Island Honkers Ale is an English style bitter from a very American brewery. I decided to give it a try as I am massive fan of bitter and it was one that I hadn’t seen before.

This ale has the tones of an English bitter but it certainly isn’t authentic. In fact, it almost tastes like a craft lager with undertones of caramel. Its bitterness levels are low and it is surprisingly very nicely hopped. The Goose Honkers Ale is very subtle in flavour, as is the case with many American beers, and perhaps a sceptic may go so far as to describe it as bland. However, it isn’t not enjoyable.

I imagine if I was an Englishman living in the States I would absolutely love this as it would taste like home. However as an Englishman living in England, there are much better beers on the market than this. I would say give it a go, but it won’t change your life.

The all important Food and Beer Blog Rating– 59%

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