Hardys & Hanson Rocking Rudolph

Colour– Bronze

Aroma– Malt, Dried Fruit, Bitter

Taste– Lightly Malty, Fruity, Spicy, Bitter

Cost– £1.29

ABV– 4.2%

The first festive beer of the year for me this year was Rocking Rudolph by Hardys & Hanson. A well balanced, fruity, malty beer, which absolutely had me rocking.

The aromas of dried fruit on the nose are intoxicating and from the moment you take your first sip you will be completely hooked.  The balanced nature of the beer makes it very easy drinking, so be careful!

I would say that it is a tad too fizzy, and possibly a little bit on the malty side, but for the price you will struggle to find much better.

I found Rocking Rudolph at my local Aldi supermarket and would definitely suggest you go in search of this beer!

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 83%

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