Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

A terrifying moment every Sunday, have the Yorkies risen? Or do you just plump for a certain Aunties from the freezer? This recipe works every single time. Take the stress outta Sunday roast and follow this easy recipe!


Equal quantities Eggs Flour and Milk

Salt and Pepper

Vegetable Oil


1. Use a pot to measure out equal quantities of Eggs Flour and Milk. I have a little bucket I use but the little pots you get when you have a Goo Desert are absolutely perfect for measuring the ingredients out.

Whisk the eggs flour and milk together until the mixture is smooth and leave to stand for a minimum of 1hr 30. Overnight is best!

Add around a teaspoon of oil to your yorkie tray and preheat in the oven for around 10 mins.

Whilst the oil is preheating, add your salt and pepper to the yorkie batter and whisk again.

Add around a ladle of your batter mould and cook at around 180c for 20 mins. No peaking or they will go flat!

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