Manchester Union Lager

Colour- Light Straw

Aroma- Hoppy, Caramel

Taste- Dry, Smokey, Hops, Bitter

ABV- 4.8%

Cost- £2.50

I came across this lager at my local post office come cheese shop. It might sound like a rather strange place to buy beer, but Chinley Cheese has a fantastic selection of local brews! And having recently started a new job in Manchester, I felt that should give this beer a try.

It’s surprisingly smoky and bitter for a lager, which not a bad thing at all, with a dry finish on the palate.

There’s a hint of caramel there in the flavour, but when compared with the aroma, it’s a surprise that the caramel flavour isn’t stronger.

This lager is worth a go if you do find it!

Why not pair it with my Zingy Chicken?

The all Important Food and Beer Blog Rating- 78%

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